What will be the psychological effect?

This Tuesday, April 19, it is approved in the Congress of Deputies from Spain the end of the compulsory wearing of the mask indoors. Therefore, from tomorrow, April 20, you will only be fined for not wearing it in health centres, nursing homes and public transport. The measure is not exempt from controversial, because many people believe that it is only due to political causes and lacks scientific support. The population is divided on this and there are those who fear abandoning it. But will this have consequences at the level of psychological?

It has been said a lot that for children and teenagers it will be traumatic leave the mask, because they wore it in a period of their life subject to many changes and now they fear show your whole face. We also talk about anxiety and stress by social pressure between opposing groups. In other words, those who will continue to wear it fear criticism from those who do not wear it. And those who go back to showing themselves from the front in almost all circumstances are sure to be criticized by those who maintain the mask inside.

Let’s not forget what’s coming now is not a prohibition, but a withdrawal of the obligation. It will no longer be mandatory to wear the mask indoors, but anyone who wishes can continue to do so. In fact, it is still recommended in many areas. Therefore, there will be many different cases and it is clear that some may experience some psychological discomfort. But will this be the norm or the exception?

Farewell to the mask inside

The indoor mask will only be compulsory in Spain in health centers, retirement homes and public transport. However, the recommendation it remains in many other areas, especially in places with poor ventilation or with large crowds of people. Even outdoors, it is recommended in crowded places, as has happened recently during Holy Week processions. As well anyone with symptoms is recommended to use it. But many people have already assured that they would not take it under any circumstances, despite the recommendations.

So there are a lot of expectations and uncertainty in regards to. And when there is uncertainty, there can be anxiety. But how is all this going to affect us mentally?

Although the obligation to wear a mask indoors is removed in most cases, in some of them the recommendation is maintained

To know, in hypertextual we contacted the psychologist, university professor and scientific communicator Ramon Nogueras, who with his conversation calls for calm in this regard. And it is that, to begin with, it does not even seem that for teenagers it will be so traumatic to show their faces again. “There’s no type of investigation or anything reliable about it,” he says. “It’s an opinion purely observational”.

But what about the bigger ones? It’s clear that after two years of wearing a mask indoors, suddenly seeing people not wearing one can be shocking to some people. However, Nogueras thinks it will be for a short time and that cases who develop some type of anxiety they won’t be the majority. “Yes, it can happen, because a very negative message has been passed on in the media, in my opinion”, assures the psychologist. “But I think the cases of anxiety they will be infrequent and that there would be nothing to say about the syndromes at all”.