What will iOS 16 look like? Here’s everything we know

Apple released a full version of iOS 15 in September 2021 – six months have passed since the release of the new OC, and it’s already been Rumors about the new iOS 16. Apple probably shouldn’t release updates that often, as iOS 15 (just like iOS 14) has proven to be quite good and stable. However, Apple can’t help but release a new version, but it’s worth announcing it at the WWDC event before the official release in the fall. Let’s see what we already know about iOS 16 release datewhich chips will appear in the new operating system and which devices will support it.

The first iOS 16 rumors appear, we say what is already known


When will iOS 16 be released

The network has information about the future WWDC Presentations 2022, where Apple traditionally announces an iOS update. The MyDrivers post states that the new the event will take place on June 6, 2022. A possible date is named in reference to well-known insider John Prosser. The source is well known, but not the most precise: nevertheless, there is some truth in his words, because last year this event was held on June 7.

We expect iOS 16 in early June

In addition to iOS, during this event, Apple also announces its other operating systems, including iPadOS 16, the new macOS 13 and others. Despite the fact that WWDC is a developer conference, it attracts the attention of gadget fans around the world due to the announcement of new products from Apple. By the way, the presentation of a new one-chip system is expected this year, as well as new iMac.

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What’s new in iOS 16

Although there is no exact data about the new operating system, but rumors say that the new iOS 16 will change a lot. According to Jon Prosser, iOS will receive great changes in the interface, thanks to which it will become even faster and more convenient. It is already known that one of the innovations will be a new chip InfoShack – those very notorious interactive widgets that we’ve been missing for a long time.

iOS 16 widgets will finally become interactive

With the help of a new set of components, users will be able to access information directly from the desktop, such as adjusting brightness, changing tracks, and more. Apple believes that it will save users a lot of time by launching functions directly from the home screen. Moreover, there are already rumors that InfoShack widgets are under development.

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Additionally, one of the January leaks from the LeaksApplePro channel states that iOS 16 will introduce neo-morphism as in macOS, the appearance of application shortcuts will change and widgets will add system settings control.

The concept looks quite qualitative, so you can roughly imagine what lies ahead

In iOS 16, the Camera app should be updated: this was made easier by the appearance of the Movie effect in the iPhone 13, which made scrolling through modes extremely inconvenient. The “camera” functions have noticeably increased in recent years, and the interface has not been updated for a long time – most likely, Apple will rework it.

It’s time to rework the “Camera” because the application has too many new features

During this time, various iOS 16 Concepts. One of them was created by Kevin Cal – at one point he tried to introduce Windows 11 and AirPods 3. The artist shared his vision for iOS 16: in his version, live widgets also appeared in the system, as well as multitasking like Split View on iPad – a feature that iPhone users have been waiting for a long time.

Also, according to him, in iOS 16, the Always On Display function, as in the Apple Watch, may appear. But what innovations in iOS 16 could also appear:

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Which iPhones will get iOS 16

Very little is known about iOS 16, but there are already rumors that the system will be available for devices with the A10 Fusion chip installed. In other words, the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE 1st generation will definitely rest. And here is the list iPhones that will receive iOS 16:

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone XS and XS Max;
  • iPhone 11 (all models);
  • iPhone SE 2020;
  • iPhone 12 (all models);
  • iPhone 13 (all models);
  • iPhone SE 2022.

Amazingly, this is the sixth year of the iPhone 7 update. Probably the last. And here are some iPads won’t get iPadOS 16.

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