what you need to know about the gods Khonsu and Ammyt

The second episode of moon knight immersed in references to Egyptian mythology in the series. The story, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aims to discover the different identities of Marc Specterinterpreted by oscar isaacand the relationship that is established between them, also maintains a link with two recognized figures within the aforementioned mythology: Khonsu and Ammyt.

They are two Greek gods who, inside moon knightexperience a pulse through the protagonists of the story, the aforesaid Marc Specter and Arthur Harrowinterpreted by Ethan Hawke. In this way, the series raises a debate in relation to justice, to the decisions that can be made in relation to it and to fate. Because? Because these gods have different ways of proceeding compared to the others.

During “The goldfish problem“, the second chapter of moon knightMark Spector and Arthur Harrow they have a meeting in which different issues are revealed, including the differences between the Egyptian gods. Spector represents Khonsu while Harrow is an interpreter of Ammyt’s power. What does Greek mythology say about these characters?

moon knight and Khonsu:
the relationship between the two

Marc Spector is the avatar of the Greek god Khonsu. The latter saved his life, in exchange for being his champion on earth, his representative, for various missions. The mythological tradition of this figure goes back to the beginning of Egyptian history. According to the versions, the comments on this character can vary. But one of the most common is the following.

Jonsu, also named with the spellings Chonsu, Khensu, Khons, Chons or Khonshu, is one of the gods in the service of the pharaoh. He does this in a bloody fashion, hunting and killing different deities in an effort for the highest character to feed on them and gain their powers. Part of this act was seen in moon knightwhen Marc Spector takes over the body of Steve Grant and transforms into an agile and violent figure.