What’s new in iOS 16 beta 2. Gathers all major features

Before the release of its operating systems, Apple conducts extensive testing each year with developers and then with ordinary users using beta versions. These versions of operating systems are often not stable, but the number of people who want to try them increases every year. So this time, with the launch of a pre-project iOS 16 reviewa large number of users decided to test the new operating system long before its release.

The second beta version is often much more stable than the first.


Yesterday, Cupertino released the second beta versions of all its operating systems: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura. In this article we will see What’s new in iOS 16 and what bugs have been fixed.

iOS 16 beta 2 – what’s new

New color filters let you customize your wallpaper to suit your mood.

To test you new iOS 16 features, you need to install the developer beta. In a separate article, we explained why you should not install such firmware on your smartphone. If you still decide to upgrade, follow our instructions.

chief Innovation iOS 16 during the presentation, Apple called for customizable lock screens. How to change the lock screen on a new operating system, we considered in a separate article. In the second beta, a clear mechanism was added to remove unnecessary lock screens:

  • Unlock the iPhone.
  • Without going to the desktop, hold your finger on the lock screen to open settings.
  • Drag the unnecessary lock screen up and click the trash can.

When installing new wallpapers, it is now suggested to crop them to fit the screen. Previously, such a message was not displayed. Additionally, there are two new color filters – Duotone and Color Wash.


The dynamic astronomy wallpaper has also been updated. If you have “Earth” installed, your actual location is now shown with a green dot. Separately, it should be noted that they can now be used on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

In the second beta, something we’ve been waiting for over 10 years has appeared. Automatique iCloud backup now possible via the cellular network. What should have been introduced a long time ago has only just appeared. Apple tried to save its users’ traffic. But there are those who only use mobile Internet, and they have always struggled with backup.

iMessage on iPhone running iOS 16

The message changed on older versions of iOS appears as new with the text “Changed to…”.

The most notable change in iOS 16 beta 2 is the Messages app. During the presentation, Apple announced that the new operating system will have twelve new subcategories in the API. SMS filtering-messages. It was in the second beta that these subcategories became available to developers.

Now the system will be able to recognize messages from unknown numbers with the best quality and determine whether they are spam or not. In addition, it should be noted that the possibility of reporting unwanted SMS to telecommunications operators has been added. For now, this feature works in the US, but hopefully our carriers will join in.

Now incoming messages from different numbers can be easily separated from each other.

Users who use two SIM cards have the option of viewing messages separately for each number. You can now view all conversations together or view only messages received on one of the numbers.


iOS 16 brings long-awaited features to iMessage to edit messages already sent and undo them. We talked about it in a separate article. These innovations had a serious limitation: users of earlier versions of iOS did not see the changes made to messages. In the second beta, if you changed the message and the recipient installed an older version of the operating system, they will receive another message with the new text.

Apple is slowly starting to improve the stability of its operating system and bring new features to mind. Hopefully Cupertino doesn’t stop there and makes iOS 16 a great bug-free operating system.