When is the iPhone 14 presented

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Although the official date has not been announced by Apple, we can predict when the iPhone 14 will be presented.

We already know almost everything about the iPhone 14, from its design and specifications to the operating system that it will use, iOS 16. However, we still do not know its official presentation and its date of launch on the market. Although, fortunately, we know the dates that Apple usually manages and we can get almost 100% correct on the day when the iPhone 14 presentation keynote will be held.

iPhone 14 Pro

The general design of the iPhone 14 Pro will be similar to the current ones

When will the iPhone 14 be released?

Apple has been showcasing its iPhone for many years after the summer, especially in the september, and only a global pandemic pushed back that date. The iPhone 12 are the only ones to have been presented late, since since the iPhone 4s, all iPhones have been presented in September.

Moreover, after many presentations, we have already quite clear until the day when Apple usually presents its iPhoneall iPhone features have these things in common:

  • Normally the iPhone event is held in the first half of September.
  • Apple likes to organize its events on Tuesday or Wednesday. For example, the iPhone 13 launch event took place on Tuesday, September 14.
  • The iPhone is generally launched a week and a half after the keynote of presentation.
  • The new iPhones are coming out on Fridays, around the third week of September. Last year, the iPhone 13 went on sale on September 24 and can be reserved from September 17.
iPhone 14 range

These will be the four iPhone 14s this year

Therefore, looking at the 2022 calendar, we can be pretty clear when the iPhone 14 might be presentedas long as Apple follows its usual release plans.

Due to the way the timing coincides, Apple will not present its iPhone 14 neither in the first nor in the second week of Septemberbecause it would be too soon. And if everything goes according to the usual plans and there are no delays, it is quite strange that they push the presentation to the fourth week, which would be September 19 or 20.

So it looks like the third week of September might be a good time and Apple may launch its iPhone 14 at a special event on September 13 or 14can be reserved from the 16th and put on sale on the 23rd of the same month.

Apple may launch its iPhone 14 at a special event on September 13 or 14

Four new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro confirmed

We’ll see if our predictions come true, Apple has not made any official date, and will only do so a few weeks before. However, based on what we know from previous years, the date could be quite accurate.

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