when kal-el became batman

As two of the most iconic superheroes of all time, Superman Yes Batman They give rise to simply spectacular stories. It’s not for nothing that they are still relevant more than 80 years after their respective debuts in the world of comics. Since the late 1930s, we’ve seen them in all sorts of situations, going up against villains of the worst kind and trying to protect their loved ones without their secret identities being revealed. And just as they’ve interacted in countless story arcs – in some cases more amicably than others – the question has become inescapable among fans: What if Batman had powers like Superman’s? this is where it appears Superman: Accelerate bullets to give us an answer.

DC Comics published it in 1993 as part of Somewhere else, a seal with which he dedicated himself to exploring alternate stories of his main heroes without conditioning his main plot. In this way, the editor was able to penetrate much more daring territories, taking advantage of self-conclusive arcs which, in general, exposed their characters to unheard-of plots, antagonists and time resources, but without losing their essence of origin.

that’s how Superman: Accelerate bullets saw the light. The screenplay was entrusted to JM DeMatteis, who by then already had significant experience with Superman and Batman through his work on the Justice League. The graphic part, meanwhile, was in charge of the Uruguayan Eduardo Barreto.

The story behind this work rested on a base that was as simple as it was attractive: what would happen if Kal-El was adopted by the Waynes instead of the Kents when he arrived on Earth. With this premise, the artists presented an approach that succeeded in giving a very good balance to the mixture of the mythologies of the two characters. And while it’s true that some parts of the plot feel a little odd (even forced), the overall balance has been well received by fans.

Superman: Accelerate bullets shows us a ruthless Batman

As I said earlier, DeMatteis’ story wasn’t perfect, but it struck a good balance by merging Superman and Batman backgrounds. In this case, the ship carrying Kal-El does not crash in Kansas, but in Gotham; thus, it is not Jonathan and Martha Kent who take care of the newborn who arrives from Krypton, but Thomas and Martha Wayne. Therefore, the boy who in the original plot becomes Clark Kent, this is bruce wayne.

How could it be otherwise? Superman: Accelerate bullets it also shows us the murder of young Bruce’s parents. As in so many other versions (and inversions) of the Dark Knight story, the family enjoys a night at the movies and restaurants, until they encounter a criminal named Joe Chill, who guns down the Waynes. to death before the eyes of the little boy. .

It is at this moment that we find the first great shock in history. anger at the incident awaken Kal-El’s superpowers, who attacks Chill with his heat vision and kills him by melting his face. If you’re one of those who were outraged by what Superman did to Zod in Steel manyou won’t like it.

From then on, the story focuses on a Bruce Wayne confined to his mansion until he becomes an adult. Haunted by the trauma of his parents’ death, he becomes obsessed with crime in Gotham but doesn’t take matters into his own hands. The real breaking point comes when a group of criminals enter his property and take Alfred hostage. this forces him to act and rediscover his powers.