When will the new Macbook Air be released?

As one of our chat readers said, “If the FBI follows me, it’ll be Groundhog Day for the Observer.” Well, we can only agree with that, if not how to explain that here it is, Saturday, and with it your favorite column of “Answers to questions”. If you describe the week in three words, then: “There are fewer applications.” This is about the disappearance of the Sberbank and Alfa-Bank applications, as well as the life hack to “resurrect” Apple Pay, which our readers talked about. But we dug into the bowels of our chat and found a subscriber’s question, which we forgot to answer.

We tell what is known about the MacBook Air 2022 and when to expect it

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When will the new MacBook Air 2022 be released?

Guys, when will the new MacBook Air be released?

Last September, when everything was more or less calm in the world, Apple planned to start production of the new MacBook Air in the third quarter of 2022 – approximately, the laptop was to be presented in September. This was reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, noting that the MacBook Air is expected to have a new design, a mini-LED display, two USB-C ports and a MagSafe charging connector. As a result, at the end of March, Mark Gurman (editor of Bloomberg) noted in his column that the company would likely delay the launch of new MacBook Airs until the end of the year, and also not release MacBook 14s and 16s. inches. Benefits until 2023.

The MacBook Air, unlike the foldable iPhone, at least exists

The Mac mini, new iMac and iPad Pro, all claiming the Apple M2 chip, have also been questioned – the timing of device updates is also unclear. Rumor has it that it’s worth waiting for WWDC 2022 to find out the details – it’s during this event that Apple will give answers to many questions. True, one should not expect a crazy increase in performance from the new processor: in fact, everything will become a little better than it was, and the chip will be designed for years to come – just like processors Apple Silicon from the iPhone.

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New MacBook design

They say the MacBook Air will have an all-new design

This week I came across an article from 9to5mac about a brand new design for the MacBook Air. The author claims that according to new data, Apple’s compact laptop will be the biggest change in laptop appearance since its release in 2008. It will be so cute that many users will like it and will encourage them to buy the device, but at the same time it will not appeal to others, pushing them to buy a MacBook Pro, even if they have nowhere to put so much power.

Right now, even columnist 9to5mac admits that aside from a few color options for the MacBook Air, there are no differences between the generations in terms of design. Basically, those who buy an Apple laptop to show off, can safely buy not the latest generation, but no one will notice the difference. So in the new generation there will be white frames around the screen instead of black, and also expected new body colors – in the spirit of the iMac, because users are tired of “space gray” and “rose gold”. There will also be no cutout above the screen. But it’s the bezels around the screen that the author sees as an important factor through which the 2022 MacBook Air will become popular.

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MacBook Air in Russia

The new Air looks very fresh

And now for the bad: for now, expect MacBook in Russia (even if it comes out) is not worth it. Apple suspended the supply of equipment to our country, deactivated the Russian version of the site … you already know all this. There is no new data on the resumption of sales. All hope in this situation is exclusively on the “serovozov”, but imagine how much does a macbook air cost in russia quite difficult.

For example, the same failed iPhone SE 2022 phone can now be had for almost 70,000 rubles – and that’s at best. Twice as much as it could cost if Apple didn’t leave Russia! So when a new MacBook Air comes out, just multiply the retail dollar price by 100 and then double it again. Approximately such an equation we get. We will know the answer closer to the fall.

Пока что новостей о MacBook Air ждать стоит ближе к WWDС 2022, но, учитывая ситуацию в мире, может произойти всё, что угодно.

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