Where is the best place to store the toothbrush?

As much as we clean the Toothbrush after each use, the same should not be used for more than 3 months. In addition, to prevent too many bacteria from accumulating, it is advisable to monitor where it is stored and take care of certain habits, such as placing it in a place in the bathroom away from the toilet or always closing the lid. before pull tank

They may seem obvious, but we do not always take them into account and the truth is that they are quite recommendable questions. Of course, while this may seem the most trivial, of all the above, the most important is change your toothbrush regularly. It is normal that there is fecal bacteria distributed throughout the bathroom, even in other places in the house. But as long as there is no one with intestinal infections at home, it’s not a problem if they don’t accumulate. And the best way to keep them from building up is to switch brushes.

The rest is more a matter of hygiene and common sense; but unless it is hospital bathroomIt shouldn’t be dangerous.

toothbrush bacteria

In 2020, a team of scientists from Rhine Waal Universityin Germany, conducted a study that analyzes almost everything we need to know about toothbrush bacteria.

For its realization, they took toothbrushes from different materials, belonging to different people, and analyzed the colonies of bacteria present in them. The samples were taken 24 hours after last use by a group of participants free of any oral disease.