Which countries have the fastest mobile network (4G or 5G) in the world?

Years ago, the mobile devicessmartphones, tablets and portablehave become the favorites for connect to internet. This implies that mobile networks are more important and therefore their managers have to catch up manage all bandwidth needed to watch Netflix in 4K, play lag-free online games, or make HD video calls. Therefore, the number of contracted gigabytes is as valuable as the speed of your mobile network. The question is, what is the fastest mobile network? Is it like that in every country in the world?

Using data collected by Okay by your service speed testwe can get an idea where does the global mobile network go, country by country. It is also possible make a stocking data upload and download speeds based on information provided by users of speed test. For example, the global average, as of March 2022, is 29.96 Mbps down and 8.7 Mbps up, with a latency of 29 milliseconds. Continuing with the example of netflix. To play content in UHD or 4K, 15 Mbps is required. To play onlinethe desired latency should be around 20 milliseconds.

Then we will see a comparison of mobile networks by country based on their average download speed. We will also briefly examine the state of the 5G connectivity In the whole world. a way of seeing if we are in the middle or if we can give thanks for the quality of our mobile phone providers compared to neighboring countries.

Source: Okla

The fastest mobile networks

A look at the TOP10 to discover the fastest mobile network has more than one surprise in store for us. And it is that when we talk about mobile telephony, we usually mention United States and China. But, curiously,China is 11th and United States 23rd. Another technologically renowned country is Japan. It appears 43rd in this list of the fastest mobile networks of Okay Yes speed test.

In the TOP10 of the fastest mobile networks, Arab countries stand out. United Arab Emirates It is first with an average download speed of 135.35 Mbps. In third place, Qatarwith 120.69 Mb/s. 7th place for Saudi Arabia (102.79 Mbps) and 8th for Kuwait (96.23 Mbps). To get an idea, Spain It is in 55th position with an average download speed of 34.26 Mbps.

The second group of countries that feature best on this list are the Northern European countries. This is the case of Norway (2nd – 134.73 Mbps), The Netherlands (5e – 108.33 Mbps) and Denmark (6th – 105.65Mbps). Europeans are also on the list Bulgaria (9th – 87.51Mbps) and Croatia (10th – 86.48 Mbps). And to complete the TOP10, it’s time to mention South Korea (4th – 117.95 Mbps).

More eye-catching results. Finland is in 19th place with an average speed of 71.23 Mbps although it is known to host the headquarters of nokia. Yes Sweden is 17th despite its most well-known technology company, Ericsson.

You can view the full list here. In addition, you can compare the average speeds of mobile networks and some fixed networks (xDSL, fiber optic, cable, etc.). You will find several examples of countries that stand out positively on one list but negatively on the other.

5G around the world

Another interesting indicator to know the state of the mobile infrastructures of the countries of the world is to know how they carry the deployment of 5G antennas to meet the demand for this technology. And it is that despite talking about it for years, we are still far from taking full advantage of 5G. maybe yes in the Main towns, but much remains to be done. And in the rest of the world?

Okay has created an interactive map that is updated weekly and focuses on the deployment of 5G around the world. As of this writing, 199 indexed carriers are offering 5G and over 99,281 5G installations. The map focuses on Main towns. There is no list to compare, so we will have to navigate the map and zoom in or out until you find the information.

We can also download this map in PDF together with other data of interest. The map was released in February this year, but the data is from the third quarter of 2021. According to this data, the average 5G download speed was 166.13 Mbps and the upload speed was 21.08 Mbps. 5G mobile networks the fastest are, respectively, South Korea, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Sweden, China, Taiwan and New Zealand. As can be seen, the Arab countries and Northern Europe stand out as well as several Asian countries.

Another card of this style is the one that offers nPerf and which we can consult publicly. The map collects information from various sources and zooming in will show us the 5G coverage in different countries of the world. However, if you look at the map, there is some information missing, especially in the China region. And it is that the Asian country is very jealous of this type of data. On the map, we barely see 5G installations, which contradicts the data we know. If last summer I had 1.7 million 5G terminalsits goal by the end of 2022 is to reach 2 million 5G installations.