Which iPhone to buy if you have little money

For the last month iPhone Pricing skyrocketed, and Apple itself temporarily suspended deliveries to Russia. In this regard, the Apple smartphone has become a real luxury for most of us. If you wanted to upgrade your iPhone, now is probably not the best time. But it’s still possible to buy an iPhone, even if you don’t have the highest income. You can try to consider alternative options: for example, a trade-in, used iPhone, as well as older models. Today we are going to figure out how much new iPhones cost now, How much can you buy a used iPhone and which models to choose if the budget is limited and there is no way to exceed it.

We determine which iPhone is better to buy in the current situation


How much does a new iPhone cost

In light of recent events, even the cheapest iPhone models have skyrocketed. The prices have been changing daily for a month, but we can already say that they have stabilized more or less. It is unlikely that in the future the price of the iPhone will continue to rise, most likely the price will drop a little more.

All iPhones have increased in price, but something tells us there won’t be another price increase

Right now, you can see that the two-year-old iPhone SE 2020 64GB costs 48,000 rubles, which is 10,000 more than exactly a year ago. The price spikes have stopped for several reasons: first, a two-year-old budget iPhone in the minimum configuration it can’t be too expensivebecause no one will buy it. Secondly, the iPhone SE 2022 has already been released, which, despite the lack of supplies, will sooner or later end up in Russia.

iPhone SE with 64GB of storage already costs 10,000 more than a year ago

Most likely, the new iPhone SE will initially cost around 70,000, maybe even a little less. Therefore, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 should start losing value after some time. It’s probably not worth talking about other models, because By the way, this is the current price of the iPhone 11.

The new iPhone 11 has become more expensive by around 10,000 than in the fall

Last fall, the iPhone 11 slowly began to lose value and cost less than 50,000, and now it can be found from 60,000 rubles. A more affordable option is the iPhone XR. It can be found on sale even now, and it will cost an average of 5,000 cheaper in the region of 55,000 rubles. Of course, there are even cheaper options. iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020 are the best in my opinion iPhones are worth buyingif the budget is very limited.

The same amount of iPhone XR costs in small stores, a maximum of 1,000 cheaper

At the moment, I can confidently say that there is no big difference when buying from “gray” sellers and on Yandex.Market. You will save 1-2 thousand maximum. I have never seen such a small price difference.

Важно: на данный момент цены в официальных интернет-магазинах и на "сером" рынке практически идентичные, разница составляет 1-2 тысячи рублей.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone?

Used iPhones It’s an all time good buy. Not everyone knows, but such an iPhone can be purchased not only on Avito. Many resellers are selling smartphones they received through the trade-in program. They are distinguished by good quality, lack of accessories, as well as an extended warranty. Also, the smartphone has been checked, and in case of malfunctions, you can always contact the seller for advice. I found where you can buy used iPhones – directly on the Svyaznoy store website. There are current models (iPhone 13), and proven models (iPhone 11), and even older ones (iPhone 6S, 7 or 8).

Svyaznoy not only offers a new iPhone, but also a used iPhone with a warranty

Prices start from 15,390 rubles for the 1st generation iPhone SE, but you can buy such a smartphone as a second. But the 128GB iPhone 7 is a good buy, especially with a warranty. Where else can you find this? The same – iPhone X for 31,000 rubles or iPhone XR for 33 with a little. Ideal options if the budget is limited, but you want buy iPhone in good condition.

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Which iPhone to buy cheap

Readers of our Telegram chat are constantly interested not only in which model of iPhone you can buy, but also in what to choose depending on the price of the device. May be, buy a new iPhone right now is a bad idea. We have chosen several inexpensive anti-crisis options in the secondary market, which should be paid attention to.

Which iPhone to buy before 20000

The iPhone 7 Plus is always a good option, but in no case go for 32 or 64 GB

Cheap iPhone up to 20,000 rubles — in my opinion, quite a risky purchase. Especially when it comes to Avito. It is better to buy such a smartphone from a dealer so as not to waste money. The best option I found on the Svyaznoy website is iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB. The advantage of this iPhone is a powerful battery and a large screen. 18,690 rubles is quite a reasonable price.

Buy iPhone up to 30000

iPhone 8 Plus could recently be found even for 20,000 and below, but now the price has adjusted slightly

If you have 10,000 rubles more, you can look at iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. On the Svyaznoy website, these options clearly fall under the right price. For this money you can also find iPhone X on Avito: on average, the price of a smartphone with 64 GB of memory varies between 23-25 ​​thousand rubles, and even iPhone XS, and for the same price. And the iPhone XR is also between 23 and 26 thousand rubles.

best iphone under 40000

At first glance, it looks like the iPhone XS Max is incredibly cheap in the secondary market.

On Avito for this money you can already get a good deal: here is the iPhone XS Max (33-35 thousand rubles for a decent option), iPhone XR and iPhone 11 (less than 38 thousand rubles). I wouldn’t take the risk and treated the iPhone 11 with extreme caution in this price category – as a rule, there are many with “small scratches”, which can hide more serious defects, as well as a non-original screen, a recessed iPhone or Face ID not working. By the way, iPhones with Face ID not working aren’t that bad. They are significantly cheaper and it is better to buy them here.

Which iPhone to buy before 50,000

The price of a used iPhone 11 Pro has adjusted slightly – the smartphone is worth it

Most of the basic iPhone 11, according to my observations, is in the “Less than 50,000 rubles” category. In this category, and the iPhone 11 at 128 or 256 GB, and even the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. With the second, I would be more careful: I found a lot of smartphones without a case, with a replaced battery or screen. However, in this price range, you can easily find both 64 and 256 GB of memory. If possible, choose an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max with 128GB or more memory – you definitely can’t go wrong.

Кстати, если бюджет позволяет, можете добавить 2-4 тысячи рублей и купить iPhone 12 с 64 Гб памяти. На Авито полно объявлений о продаже этих смартфонов.

Of course, the current situation iPhone Pricing – very complex, but the secondary smartphone market leaves room for manoeuvre. It is especially pleasant that some “aged” models did not react strongly to price changes and are more expensive than before by 1-2 thousand rubles, which is fair enough for a current smartphone for 1-2 coming years.