Which protective iPhone case to buy. Collected only the best

Despite Apple’s restrictions on Russian users, many are in no rush give up iphone for the benefit of competitors’ devices. After all, as we have already discovered, iOS smartphones still outperform Android devices, even with the current bans. Therefore, the iPhone must be protected. But for this it is not enough not to throw it anywhere and not to wear it with anything. Because, as practice shows, smartphones tend to fall off and hit even the most careful owners. I would say, especially for neat owners. So isn’t it better to protect it from damage with a reliable cover?

Protected box

The protected shells for the iPhone are full. How to choose the best?


Suitcase with reinforced corners

Even a thin silicone case can be protected

Many users hate protective cases, because they dramatically increase the size of the iPhone and sacrifice its security for convenience. But it is not necessary to buy a crate from a tractor tire. You can take thin Silicone case with protected corners, because usually smartphones, regardless of the model, fall on it, interrupting the cables, the moisture-proof seal and even the edges of the display matrix.

Price: from 110 rubles

Buy a silicone case

This cover meets all user requirements, even the most demanding. After all, on the one hand, it is extremely compact, and on the other hand, it protects the most vulnerable places of your smartphone quite well. Thanks to him, even if you hit your iPhone on something hard or dropping it on the floor, most likely the device will remain intact, since the corners will be reliably protected. And this, as you know, is already half the success.

iPhone drop protection case

This case will definitely protect your iPhone better than the previous one.

For those who are willing to sacrifice the dimensions of their iPhone a little in exchange for reliable protection, there is, for example, a model from the manufacturer hdd. This case is made of two types of materials: a transparent back and a dense black bumper with reinforced corners. He is reliable protect your smartphone bumps and drops. The manufacturer even claims that this case will protect the iPhone from damage when dropped from a height of three meters.

Price: from 500 rubles

Buy Xudd Case

If you read Comments – and there are over 1500 here, – then you will hardly find any negativity about this cover. The vast majority of buyers praise it and write that they did not expect such quality for the money it costs. According to users of the case, it is made of materials that are pleasant to the touch, looks extremely concise and does not attract too much attention, but at the same time protects the sides of the smartphone, camera and screen , which rises a few millimeters above.

iPhone case with glass

This case will protect your iPhone from all angles.

Many people think that if protect smartphone, then you have to do it in full. Especially for such cases, covers are produced with protection, as they say, 360 degrees. They are not even lids, but rather sarcophagi, inside which the devices are placed and securely closed either with latches or with screws, like this model. Removing the iPhone from such a bed is not so easy, but it will be guaranteed to be protected not only from damage caused by drops and shocks, but also from water and dust.

Price: from 700 rubles

Buy a protective case

This cover is not just a backdrop combined with a bumper. It also has a front bezel that protects the screen. Therefore, the kit also includes strained glass. Myself iPhone is placed on the back of the cover, a bumper is placed on top, glass is put on it, and this configuration is completed with an additional overlay that secures the remaining components with full screws. It all looks very impressive and as safe as possible.

Beautiful protective case for iPhone

This case is available in different colors and for different iPhone models

For some reason it is assumed that all protective cases must be ugly. Also, supposedly, the worse the case, the better it protects the smartphone. There may be some truth in that. But there is no need to deface your iPhone. You can buy a blanket like this. Not only does it look very attractive and differ, perhaps, from the vast majority of cases on the market, but it also has remarkable protective properties.

Price: from 170 rubles

Buy a multicolored case

The bumper part of the case, surrounding its metal border, is reinforced with special inserts that allow it to withstand strong impacts on a hard surface. Only, unlike “clearly protective” cases, this one looks and feels completely normal. And to protect the screen, the elevation of the same edge of 0.8 mm is used, thanks to which even falling flat will allow the smartphone to survive and keep the hardware components safe and sound.

Despite the metal construction, this case weighs very little.

iPhone Metal Cases – This is a prop for a hobbyist. But there are users who believe that only a case made of hard materials can protect their smartphone. And if that sounds equally harsh, then buying one, in their opinion, is definitely worth it. In my opinion, this bat case, done in the style of the Batman universe, is a perfect fit for this role. After all, it will protect the iPhone, and will satisfy metal fans.

Price: from 900 rubles

Buy a bat case

Buyers praise the appearance of this case (however, you can see everything for yourself), a high level of protection – according to them, the case even avoids falling flat – and also a low weight, which is very important for metal accessories. The cover itself is prefabricated. The upper and lower parts, between which the iPhone is inserted, are fixed to each other with bolts that cannot be simply unscrewed. This gives the structure strength and reliability. And the protrusions in the corners will suffer even the most severe blows of fate.

iPhone case with card holder

Thanks to this case, you can intercept a few bank cards or several banknotes.

I don’t know about you, but I myself can’t stand blank cases. I classify there all the accessories which do not fulfill other roles, except smart phone protection. Give me either a magnetic holder or a popsocket or – even better – a card sleeve, because I never got used to carrying my wallet with me again afterwards disable Apple Pay in Russia. But this cover solves all my requests for one or two. It will protect the smartphone from damage, and at the checkout in the store it will help me when I remember with a basket full of goods that I did not take my purse with me.

Price: 345 rubles

Buy a case with cards

This case has a solid construction with reinforced corners, a rough back surface and an additional cushion with a kind of trunk, where you can put several bank cards. Why a trunk, you ask? Yes, because it even opens the same way – it just leans back. If desired, it can be removed and driven with a cover without an additional body kit. But I, of course, will not, so as not to embarrass myself again at the cash desk, senselessly slamming into my pockets in search of a forgotten card at home.