Who Is Black Bolt, The Unexpected Character From ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’

In one of the central scenes of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff faces a new team of superheroes. The Illuminati are charged with protecting one of the many realities that exist. The group is made up of familiar faces, variations of traditional heroes, as well as a figure that longtime Marvel fans will immediately recognize. This is Black Bolt, the Emperor of the Inhumans, whom we had already seen in the failed series of the same name interpreted by Anson Mount.

But the character’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe opens the doors to your interesting story gets a second chance. Also to a broader look at how Marvel’s perception of its various worlds and universes are interconnected.

Black Bolt or Black Lightning plays a relatively short role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but clarifies that the studio has future plans to develop. Especially since the Fantastic Four project seems closer than ever to an impossible inclusion in the Marvel franchise. That way, Black Bolt’s appearance doesn’t seem surprising or a curious addition to the plot. It’s actually a tour of new Marvel spaces, continuing its story-making journey in an ever-expanding shared context.

New locations for old characters

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One of the most curious things about Black Bolt is that despite being one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s famous creations, it’s relatively unknown. And his figure is generally associated or at least linked to the universe of fantastic 4. But in reality, the Inhumans are part of a larger story and curious that this could be the big surprise for the Marvel film franchise.

This despite his unsuccessful arrival on television in the ABC series Marvel’s Inhumans of 2017, considered one of the failures of La Casa de las Ideas. Even so, the weight of a character and those around them, which is often linked to many of the publisher’s most popular, is considerable. It’s also intriguing that Black Bolt’s presence made it to the movies with a variant of Mister Fantastic. The odds that Sam Raimi’s film could interconnect two conflicting projects at Marvel are at least interesting. much more when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa is a journey through multiversal possibilities to a new level.

Black Bolt is a step in the right direction in terms of introducing new characters. known from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One that makes it clear that it’s very likely that the franchise’s medium-term plans will return to characters with new approaches. Which would explain the inclusion of the Illuminati – or their version in terms of the Marvel Film Franchise – in the film. Also, that the possibility of the multiverse is likely to tie the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four together, one way or another.

A mighty king, a splendid superhero

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Black Bolt’s first appearance was in comics. Fantastic Four #45 December 1965. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character comes from a specific layer of the Marvel world: a closed monarchy. Like Black Panther, the city of Attilan is a mysterious and isolated space. Also very technologically advanced. It is the home of the Inhumans and is ruled by Black Bolt. The parallels between Wakanda and Attilan could show how Marvel could represent the people of Black Bolt in the future.

Throughout his long existence in the comics, the Emperor of the Inhumans has been both an ally of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, and their adversary. This condition between multiple layers of meaning allows the character to be part of a team with clear goals like The Illuminati. Or, at the same time, be a monarch for his people and be part of more complex universes like that of the Marvel superhero family. With all, he is a character who fights for good and has a high moral purpose.

Which led him to clash more than once with the complicated royal family of the Inhumans. More precisely, with his younger brother Maximus, eternal conspirator against Black Bolt and especially his noble designs. The relationship between the two is very similar to that between Thor and Loki. And indeed, there are parallels between the plots of Maximus and the attitude of Black Bolt and the Asgardian royal family.

But the problems don’t end there. The character also has a long, complex, and uneven love affair with his wife Medusa.. Which includes conceiving a baby that caused discomfort to his own. Moreover, to provoke a long conflict which became an important trunk of the history of the Inhumans.

Black Bolt: a silent and isolated superhero

One of the main characteristics of Black Bolt is his voice. So destructive that a whisper can cause tragedies, the hero is practically mute. The characteristic, as unusual as it is complex, made the character a rare version of a tragic responsibility in the face of power. In reality, much of its weight in the original comic book plot, is the way he analyzes his voice as a destructive expression. Also, as a concrete expression of their emotions and their vast inner world.

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As if his special ability weren’t enough, Black Bolt is the most powerful of the Inhumans and since childhood, destined for exclusion for his power. Again, the king of this curious monarchy is perhaps a strange point of fear and confusion that Marvel could take advantage of in this new phase. Will he join a new version of Black Bolt, the strange duality of Moon Knight or the tragic fury of Wanda Maximoff? The film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness This could show just how interested Marvel is in showing off their darkness. An extraordinary point that the film brought to light.