Who is in the grave in the fourth episode of “Moon Knight”?

Narrative works based on mystery rely on their effectiveness and the interest they arouse with the public, such as the miniseries moon knight (2022) and most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have to give us different twists throughout their plot development to impress and keep our eyes glued to the screen. and the episode “The Tomb” (1×04) Adventures with Marc Spector by Oscar Isaac is exemplary in this respect.

In the screenplay written by Alex Meenehan, Peter Cameron and Sabir Pirzada, there are several surprising deviations; even one capable of blowing our heads off because it manipulates our notion of reality about what’s going on. But the first real relevance that occurs is related to the egyptian tomb that Ethan Hawke’s dangerous Arthur Harrow and his band, on the one hand, and Steven Grant and May Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly, on the other, are desperately seeking.

Some try to resurrect the goddess Ammit so that she releases her horrible power of justice throughout Minority report (2002) and the pair with the protagonist of moon knight, prevent it. The key to it is in said burial chamber, and these characters descend into it, putting their lives in danger. But what we wouldn’t guess in a million years is the identity of the deceased to which they dedicate such an underground construction. Nothing less than Alexander The Great.

A fascinating historical character in “Moon Knight”

Macedonian Empire (323 BCE)

the biggest architect of the macedonian empire He is one of the men who caused the greatest polemics and pure fascination among historians specializing in antiquity, and enormous rivers of academic ink. Born in 356 BC. J.-C., he was taught by the philosopher Aristotle and fell out with his difficult father, Philip II, about his new marriages to the point that he threatened to declare him a bastard son.

When he died violently in 336, he sat on the Macedonian throne after getting rid of his other suitors, subjugating the rebellious peoples who tried to shake off the Macedonian yoke taking advantage of the situation of monarchical succession and, until to the confused day in that Alexander the Great kicked the bucket and they put his corpse in the lost tomb what we see in moon knightconquered the world.

Or, at least, the vast area of ​​it between Greece, the Indus Valley to the east, and Egypt to the west. Thus, he managed to take revenge on the Persians by occupying his empire and, with everything, in his thirteen years from leaderHe also served as a Greek hegemon, Egyptian pharaoh and king of Asia, Media and Persia, and by demolishing so many border walls he fostered the cultural exchange of the Hellenistic period (323-30 BCE).

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The Persians controlled Egypt since the year 343, as they had done before between 523 and 404, and Alexander the Great put an end to an abhorred domain in 332, gaining the gratitude of the inhabitants in the land of the Nile, they considered him their liberator and believed that he was a direct descendant of King Nectanebo, representative of Amun and therefore son of this celestial divinity. And this is how they decided to name him pharaoh.