Who is “Let Me Solo Her”? The famous character from Elden Ring

Ring of Elden

Ring of Elden

Ring of Elden is the most ambitious game to date created by development company FromSoftware. It is clear that being best selling game of 2022 there is a large community of gamers who continue to enjoy Elden Ring every day. But the success of this game developed by the creators of Dark Souls lies not only in the number of sales, but also in the fact that it has become one of the best games with the best reviews in the market as it allows players to generate heaps of stories, monsters, and memes.

Let Me Solo Her become a legend

In the Elden Ring there are many very difficult bosses to fight, but there is one that is even harder to beat. this boss is Malenie and the difficulty of fighting against him is so high that sometimes it’s not enough to have your gear and armor maxed out.

In the face of the frustration that can arise from fighting Malenia and not defeating her, the character “Let Me Solo Her” appeared to help you fight against such a powerful boss. This new hero is only equipped with a jar on his head and two katanas, which are enough to defeat the strongest boss in the game.

The Fame What this character started with was a post on Reddit where a player thanked him for his help. From then on, Reddit began to fill up with thank you message toward. But currently it is not limited to messages of appreciation, many members of the Elden Ring community are creating memes and stories related to him.

This is how you can ask for help from Let Me Solo Her

The way this capeless hero helps you fight Malenia is simple. You just have to invoke ‘Let Me Solo Her’ use summoning signs before entering the boss room and these panels will be left on the ground. This way you can see the new community hero and help you fight but it’s not 100% effective as he is not always able to defeat Malenia, despite the fact that his number of victories keeps increasing.


Source: DualShockers