Who Killed Batman’s Parents in DC Comics

The Murder of Bruce Wayne’s Parents It’s one of the most significant events in Batman’s history as a superhero, both in DC comics and in the movies that adapt them.

In Tim Burton’s first contribution (1989), the trigger puller is Jack Napier, Jack Nicholson’s Joker; to batman begins (2005) and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), the person in charge is called Joe Chill and he is played by Richard Brake and Damon Caro; and in Batman (2022), the mystery was solved with John Turturro’s Carmine Falcone but still persists for Matt Reeves’ sequels.

The origin of the black knight’s virtuous impulse is found in number thirty-three of Detective comicswritten by Bill Finger and Gardner Fox and drawn by Bob Kane (1939). Violence against his parents at the hands of an unidentified criminal led Bruce Wayne to swear to “avenge their deaths by spending the rest of his life fighting all criminals”.

But we had to wait for number forty-seven of Batmanwork of Finger and Kane (1948), to know the name of the murderer: the same Joe Chill approach of Christopher Nolan and that of Zack Snyder.

Variations on the death of Batman’s parents

DC Comics

As Thomas Bacon recounts in ScreenRant“Batman confronted an unrepentant Chill and unmasked him in an effort to scare him out of a life of crime. Ironically, when Chill turned to other criminals for help , they were furious that one of their own created Batman and took him down before he could share Batman’s secret identity.”