Who’s who in ‘The Dropout’, the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes

The stall, a new series from Disney+ and Star+, joins the recent wave of stories about anti-heroes and questionable success practices. But this time, moreover, it’s a look at new regions of power in a tech-driven world. Elizabeth Holmes, for a while considered the most powerful businesswoman in the world, became a broken idol a few years later. One that took the tricky journey through manipulation, lies, and fraud across Theranos to a whole new level.

The stall, the TV version of the story on Star+, manages to create an uncomfortable perception of contemporary power and influence. Also telling the rise and fall of a kind of commercial success that is always disconcerting.

After all, Holmes even received recognition from Forbes for his management ability and his brilliant career at the top of the recognition of his peers. How could Holmes pull off such a deception and sustain it for such a confusing length of time? What was the central point of a large-scale embezzlement that went unnoticed for several years?

Series The stall try to answer questions honestly and directly. Based on Rebecca Jarvis’ podcast of the same name, the plot goes over every point of what happened in addition to delving into Holmes’ personality. With a solid script and brilliant direction, the show manages to recreate the rise and fall of an ominous personality. And it does it, moreover, with a journey into darkness supported by a brilliant cast that captures the story’s strange ambiguity. We tell you who’s who in a production that chronicles one of Silicon Valley’s biggest recent scandals.