Why Books Can’t Be Downloaded on iPhone

Every book fan realizes sooner or later that he uses e-books: no matter what people say, they are much more practical than paper books. If reading is not so easy on the small screen of the iPhone, the iPad is ideal for this activity: in a horizontal position, the iBooks application looks a lot like the paper version. As you understood, even on devices with iOS and iPadOS sometimes problems occur: books not downloading or at some point they are unloaded, but it is impossible to return them. Let’s see how to deal with this and not lose the collection of books in the future.

Download books from iPhone? We tell you how to solve it


Why books are disappearing from iBooks

I often encounter the fact that if not for a long time read books on iphone, after a while they are uploaded to iCloud. It is very easy to retrieve them over Wi-Fi, but downloading the .epub file over LTE takes a long time despite the small file size of 1-2 MB. The bug has been known since the days of iOS 11 – then the unread books were deleted on their own. What can be done?

It is best to turn off iCloud Drive sync, but only after downloading books to iPhone

  • Go to Settings, select “iBooks”.
  • In the list, move the “iCloud Drive” slider to an inactive position.
  • Enable content update slider and cellular downloads.
  • Also note that the “Always allow” option in downloads is enabled so that you can re-download the books.

Обратите внимание: если книги выгружены с iPhone, а вы отключили синхронизацию с iCloud Drive, ваша библиотека окажется пустой. Поэтому синхронизацию нужно отключать только после того, как вы вернете их обратно на телефон.

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Granted, even after that, you might notice that you have to download books for iphone again. We have the impression that the smartphone is mocking us by displaying a cloud next to the folder. Like iOS download books to an iCloud backup, you should try disabling the feature entirely.

This is what books downloaded from iBooks look like

  • Go to Settings, click on your iCloud account at the top.
  • Select “iCloud”.
  • In the list, completely disable “iCloud Backup” if you don’t or the slider next to “Books” so that files are not uploaded to the cloud.

So iPhone won’t upload books to cloud after long time not using iBooks.

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How to return all books in iBooks

But even the previous settings sometimes don’t help. How? It’s very simple: if you buy a new iPhone and conveniently transfer files to it, the smartphone needs time to download all applications from the App Store.

Here are some tips to help you avoid losing pounds on your iPhone.

  • To do this, you need to keep your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi and charge it in time so that it does not turn off. Otherwise, the download will have to be restarted and even manually.
  • Please note that the new iPhone must have enough memory to transfer data. Otherwise, they won’t transfer completely and the books will remain stuck in iCloud until you download them manually.
  • Make sure you have enough space in iCloud before backing up, otherwise books may not load back to iPhone.
  • If a a cloud appeared next to the bookit is better to download it again via Wi-Fi: often, even with all the settings activated, the download over the cellular network freezes and does not move.

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What to do if books won’t open in iBooks

Often Wi-Fi is not within reach, so download a book from iCloud going back to the phone via the cellular network is not easy. How to be?

Try These Hacks to Stop Downloading Books from iPhone

  • If you download books, first save the .epub in “Files”: this way you will always have the source on your phone, in which case you can always go back to iBooks even without Internet.
  • Books disappear from iPhone even with “Download Unused” disabled in App Store settings: try not to fill your iPhone’s memory so that books are not unloaded when there is not enough space.
  • Use third-party reading apps: They might not be as convenient as iBooks, but the files they contain certainly won’t disappear.
  • If a Books not downloading on iPhone from the cloud, try disconnecting it from the internet by enabling airplane mode. Didn’t help? Restart your smartphone and start the download.

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Unfortunately, books on iphone are downloaded at the most inopportune time, and iOS gives no warning notification about it. Therefore, use the tips above to make sure this doesn’t happen.