Why did PlayStation buy Haven, which never released a game?

play station he started the year the same way he ended the previous one: the purchase of studios. First Bungie, makers of Halo and destiny, for which they paid $3,600 million. This week, the company reopened the wallet to acquire Havrethe studio headed by Jade Raymond, one of the creators of Assassin’s Creed and Watch dogs—. However, this acquisition was very different from previous ones. Because? Because Haven hasn’t released a single game.

If we analyze the studios purchased by PlayStation in recent years, we can see that the vast majority, with the exception of support ones like Valkyrie Entertainment and Nixxes, have already shipped their own titles. Insomniac Games was known for Ratchet & Clank and Resistance; trademark by return; Bluepoint for remakes of The shadow of the colossus and Demon’s Souls; by The game roomand Bungie for the above destiny and Halo. Haven, for the moment, cannot boast of having a franchise of this level.

Obviously, such a situation is well known in the industry; For this reason, it is “surprise” that Sony has decided to buy a studio which, despite being made up of people with a lot of experience, has not yet had the opportunity to offer us a game. latter is largely due to Haven was born just in the early months of 2021. In fact, early on they partnered with PlayStation so that their first title would be exclusive to the PS5.

So…why did PlayStation open a studio’s portfolio with such a short track record, why did it break the strategy of buying already consolidated teams with a well-known portfolio of projects? There are two main reasons that raise doubts.

An ambitious multiplayer game is on the way

Concept art by Raphael Lacoste, Haven Senior Art Director

Just yesterday, Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that Haven’s first project is a AAA multiplayer title. On more than one occasion we’ve talked about how PlayStation throws the house out the window to get its own fortnite Where war zone. Buying Bungie, in fact, was really to take advantage of their experience and knowledge in the multiplayer.