Why does Inosuke’s crow appear so rarely?


Inosuke – Demon Slayer

demon slayer, better known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, has become one of the most successful franchises of recent years. Its history, the quality of its design as well as its characters have become an obvious reference and, however, there is one character that stands out from the others. this is Inosuke, a character who has won everyone’s affection the followers for their bad mood as well as their ignorance. And, who would not recognize this boar-headed, bare-chested character?

Being raised in the woods was born out of his mother’s abandonment, and while that kept him alive, it also brings certain quirks to his character. In fact, although his relationship with humans is complex, even his way of treating animals has certain points that stand out, especially when looking at birds. have you ever considered why is he the only one of his classmates who doesn’t have a bird? It’s because your crow has good reason not to want to be there.

The reason why Inosuke’s crow is not present

For many, it was remarkable how Inosuke’s messenger raven stayed hidden most of the time. You might think it’s because the crow just decided to fly away and leave. However, you should know that the crow is present in the place, although it never approaches the swordsman. Because? Because he tried to eat his crow about 18 times.

This feature has been reported in volume 5 in chapter 36 when Demon Slayer creator Koyoharu Gotouge wanted to clarify this point. This is where a fan theory comes into play in which it is mentioned that since Inosuke didn’t want to belong to the Demon Slayer Company and ended up there by accident, it may be- just be a mistake, that Inosuke really doesn’t know the crow isn’t food, but an ally for their missions.

What is clear is that despite his crow continues to maintain his mission and try to help the demon hunter as much as possible, he does not approach for fear of being devoured. After all, Inosuke is a brash character who wouldn’t hesitate to go after what he considers food again.