Why does Oreo cream always stick to the side?

Human beings are divided into those who directly wet the Oreo cookies in the milk and those who turn them first, open them and eat the filling. But you are of the group of which you are sure to have seen that the cream, in general, sticks almost entirely to one of the two halves. This is something that has also caught the attention of a team of physicists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)who used their knowledge to find the reason for this phenomenon.

But the thing does not stop there. They also designed a device, dubbed “hydrometer“, the model of which will be available to anyone with a 3D printer we can make one. The goal is for all Oreo cookie lovers to have the opportunity to continue playing with physics as they have.

Although the game in question is so scientific that they even published their results in a physics magazine, called Fluid Physics. Now they know the probable cause why the Oreo cookie cream it still sticks to one half, although so far they haven’t offered any solutions. Everything remains as an amusing anecdote.

Oreo cookie rheology

These scientists decided to use rheology to analyze the Physics of Oreo cookies. It is a branch of physics that studies the relationship between stress and strain in materials capable of flowing.

As explained in a statement by the study authors, in foods, this technique can be used to measure the food texture depending on your constraints. So they took a lab device called rheometer and placed an Oreo cookie in it. One of the halves remained stationary, while the other slowly rotated. They basically did what we all do with our hands when we want to open one of these cookies without breaking it. And the result was the same: all the cream in one of the halves.

Rheology is a branch of physics that studies the relationship between stress and strain in materials capable of flowing.

They decided to repeat the process several times, but changing parameters such as the rotation speed, the humidity of the biscuit, the quantity of cream or the taste. Come on, they were made with sample Oreo double cream and all the flavors there are and will be. Everything for science.

They discovered that if the cookie was dipped in milk collapsed quickly, in 60 seconds. That was to be expected, actually. They also observed that the amount of filling and the flavor does not seem to influence the way the cream separated when you opened the Oreo. But what influenced was the speed of rotation. The faster the spin, the more cream remains on one side. This, according to the statement, is because more tension and stress is required to effect the separation. Therefore, to try to distribute the cream evenly, you would have to make a slower turn.