Why ‘Gran Turismo 7’ is being slaughtered by gamers

the launch of Grand Touring 7 This is surely one of the most upset we have seen in recent times. The new installment in the Polyphony Digital saga has only garnered praise from specialized critics but, on the other hand, it has been massacred by players. To the point of becoming The lowest rated Sony game on Metacritic.

At the time of writing this article, Grand Touring 7 to have a score of only 1.8 among user reviews on the aforementioned platform. And it’s already been dipping for several days, with a number of negative reviews that already borders on the absurd. Of the more than 6,600 reviews applied, 5,572 are negative, 154 are mixed and only 904 are positive; this results in “overwhelming disgust” from the audience.

But how is this possible when the vast majority of analyzes published by the press are extremely positive? In fact, you can also read the one we posted in hypertextual at the beginning of this month. If we’re guided by what’s seen in Metacritic, the overall score among critics is 87, with 104 positives, 4 mixed, and no negatives. In addition, many media gave the maximum rating of 100 to Grand Touring 7.

The answer to why the game has such a bad reputation with the public is simple: We are talking about bombing review. It’s about “punishing” developers with a bad rating for settling disagreement with one or more game-related decisions. It doesn’t mean the title itself is bad, but it does mean there’s dissatisfaction massive regarding some of its aspects.

This is clearly not a new technique in the video game industry, but the reasons behind the case Grand Touring 7 they are really eye-catching.