Why is ‘The Bridgertons’ still popular?

The second season of The Bridgertons quickly positioned itself as one of the trends within netflix. Beyond the fact that this record is not the most critical of the series, it helps to understand that it appeals to many subscribers. Although it doesn’t have a complex plot, its performances are good but not transcendent, and although there are predictable sections, the story is interesting. This invites to think that it is a guilty pleasure within the streaming offer, as at the time they were for example, The Walking Dead and vikingsonce they have lost much of their original meaning.

The Bridgertons it is found at the antipodes of the two other series mentioned. There are no undead or epic story. In the Netflix series, there is a plot that sometimes evokes Caribbean soap operas. But the context in which they are produced is different: a historical story, something that conditions it and also allows it to be reinforced in certain aspects. One of them is the representation of the protocol that was produced for a woman to obtain a husband.

Seen with the eyes of the present, this dynamic, key to history, is absurd. This is why it should be remembered that it is a story of time and which imposes conditions. After two seasons, this game of courtship, courtship and family interests continues to appeal for many reasons.

The Bridgertonsa simple and well-told story

These are times when, as spectators, we are saturated with stimuli. There are videos in social networks. News arrives at an unattainable speed. Controversies lead to different discussions and memes. Attention, as a value when sharing or for private matters, is valuable. Sometimes those levels of engagement with a story aren’t high enough to understand it in all its dimensions.

For this reason, simple stories like The Bridgertons do they work. Its plot does not require a deep level of study, at the same time it is not boring either. It serves to accompany certain times of the day, to empty the mind of so many stimuli that we find through computers or mobile devices. This characteristic does not make the production something empty or devoid of precious aspects.