Why is Zenitsu the only Demon Slayer to have a sparrow?


Zenitsu from Kimetsu no Yaiba

After one more successful second seasonand a third on the way-, Kimetsu no Yaiba It has become one of the most important anime of recent years. With an engaging story and charismatic characters, all accompanied by exquisite animation, by the studio ufotable.

The Protagonists of the series belong to Demon Slayer Corps, whose mission is to defend humanity from these people-eating monsters. all body members They have something in commonin addition to the uniform and the katana, and it is a talking messenger crow, which helps them receive missions.

Unlike the rest of the Demon Slayers, Zenitsu does not have a messenger raven, but rather a sparrow called Chuntaro. The reason for this change is related to Japanese mythologyespecially with the story of the Sparrow with the cut tongue.

The legend of the sparrow with the cut tongue

In this story a old lumberjack save one injured forest sparrow and takes him home to take care of him. The woodcutter feeds him grains of rice every day, which his greedy wife does not approve of.

One day when the woodcutter is not at home, his wife he does not feed the sparrow and he is forced to eat starch. When she finds out, she cuts out his tongue and throws him out of her house as punishment.

Some time later, the woodcutter finds in the forest a sparrows nest, in which now lives the one he saved. The sparrow like Acknowledgement It offers you two chests, one large and one small. The woodcutter chooses the small, since he can’t carry much weight, and he brings it home. The discover that it is full of treasures.

To his woman is not enough and go to the sparrow’s nest to seek the big. Once with the trunk, on the way home, the woman opens it and finds it full of snakeswhich causes her to panic and fall off a cliff.


Zenitsu is also a very scary character

What does sparrow mean?

Like the woodcutterZenitsu is not confident in his strength and abilities, so he sees himself as a small chest, even though he really has a lot of potential – a treasure – inside. Chuntaro the sparrow would be a form of symbolizes this characteristic of the character.

Source: RBC