Why Larry David Left ‘Seinfeld’ After Season 7

Discuss it Seinfeld (1989-1998) is one of television’s most iconic sitcoms produced overseas, frankly that would be absurd. Not only because of his overflowing ingenuity in coming up with very funny plots in his daily antics, but because the influence of the work of larry david and Jerry Seinfeld appears here in those that followed.

But, despite its artistic and public success, the first of its creators decided to leave the series after the end of the seventh season. Which ended on a high note, however, with the craziest twist anyone can remember seeing in a sitcom for the episode “The Invitations” (7×22), written by Larry David himself and premiered in May 1996. A great triumph just before the break.

The reasons for his departure from Seinfeldwhen we get to know them, they can’t help but remind us of the stressed Boris of if the thing works, the character he played in the Woody Allen film (2009). He can also be considered a copy of the New York hypochondriac because, in fact, he is, of course, but he serves to illustrate Larry David’s attitude on this subject.

The insecurity of a talented actor

As Jordan Williams recounts in ScreenRantWith seven years of iconic episodes and pure acclaim from professional critics behind him, the comedian began to feel the pressure behind the scenes. Apparently and even with his enthusiasm for the series, he was very concerned that the quality of the scripts would decrease due to the simple wear and tear usually suffered by those that are too long in antenna.

The most obvious example of this evil is The simpsonsthe animated television fiction veteran of Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Sam Simon and his more than thirty years on the air since December 1989. And Larry David wanted nothing like it and feared he would run out of good ideas for writes and “He was stressed about the pressures to produce better material for each new episode”.