Why Nintendo doesn’t want you to use the word Nintendo



nintendo is one of the best known companies in the world. All video game fans have used this word throughout their lives to refer to the Japanese company creator of sagas like Mario or The Legend of Zelda, something the big N prefers to avoid. This way of acting from Nintendo is not new, since it has been trying for years to avoid the use of its name to refer to consoles.

A Mario poster explains the use of the word Nintendo

If we look to the past, we can see that there is a poster that Nintendo distributed in stores in the 90s. You can see Mario explaining to players that there is nothing called Nintendo, since that word is an adjective and not a noun, even giving several examples of what they consider correct.

poster mario 90

Official Ninendo 90s Poster

At first glance, it might seem that using the word Nintendo as a name shouldn’t be a problem for this company, because it would be like giving them free advertising. However, in reality it is Completely the opposite.

Trademark registration law is behind this decision

According to international regulations for the registration of trademarks, cannot save a word that has a very broad meaning or which is part of the common lexicon. It must be a very precise term that describes the product in question. For example: a person cannot register a brand of pencils called Pencil or Pencils.

Now we know that languages ​​change over time and they often add new words to their respective technology-related vocabularies, such as the term “Googler”. This is exactly what Nintendo and other big companies want prevent your brand from becoming a commonly used word.

It might give them serious problems in maintaining the rights of this name in the future, as came to Apple in 2019when a court held that the trademarks “App” and “App Store” could not belong to it, because they were words already part of the common vocabulary.

Source: Nintendo Life