Why were the arms of ‘Tyrannosaurus rex’ so short?

The little arms of tyrannosaurus rex They are a classic meme. It is not for less, because it is quite funny to see what is designed as one of the most ferocious dinosaurs in history with some small front legs. But in nature almost everything has its reason. Maybe tyrannosaurus evolved that way because those little arms served a purpose. For this reason, paleontologists have long been trying to find an explanation. The most recent is one that suggests it might just be a form of prevent their own peers from biting them as they gathered in groups to devour their prey.

In fact, if we visualize what those binges might look like, it all makes a lot of sense. Various colossal animals, from 4 meters high, 13 meters long and weighing 6 tons, with powerful jaws, leaping on the same prey. They probably wouldn’t be too careful, or take turns, so they’d destroy anything that fell into their jaws. If you accidentally (or not so accidentally) fall into a partner’s paw, bad luck.

It is important to note that this it’s just a guess and that in reality we will never know with certainty why the weapons of the tyrannosaurus rex. However, in the study just published in Acta Paleontologica Poland The reasons why the previous hypotheses make less sense than this one are also discussed. More evidence should be sought; but for now, given what has been seen, the option of avoiding being devoured by one’s own companions makes a lot of sense.

Previous hypotheses about the arms of the tyrannosaurus rex

According to the fossil record, a tyrannosaurus rex of some 13-14 meters in length and a skull that can exceed 1.5 meters in length would have front legs of approx. one meter long. As the study authors explained in scientific alertwould be the equivalent of a being 1.80 meter human and 12 centimeter arm. The difference is that we humans use our weapons wisely. Are the front legs of tyrannosaurs a vestige what is useless? Let’s not exaggerate either. In fact, there must be some point in them being so short, otherwise they might not have evolved to this point, so different from what happens with other dinosaurs.

Many hypotheses have been floated. For example, whether it is a form of compensate for the heavy weight of his head and neck reducing the mass of a much less strained part of the body. There have also been scientists who have opined that it may have reproductive purposes, so the males cling to the females during sex. However, the fact that the small arms are short does not mean that they are not well endowed, with powerful claws, so in this take the couple could have been injured.