Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Apple Watch Now

I’ve always said in my articles that the Apple Watch is my favorite gadget. Immediately after purchase I studied top to bottom all smartwatch featureswho were here, I continue to do so now. But as soon as Apple only hinted at disabling a single feature in the Apple Watch, I’m planning, like a rat, to be the first to escape this ship before it’s gone. is too late, and I’m considering buying a new smartwatch almost the craziest idea. In the article, I will talk about the functionality of Apple smartwatches for which they are purchased and explain who should always consider this device to buy.

It seems that for Russian Apple Watch users this doesn’t make much sense anymore.


Apple Pay does not work with MIR cards

I’m not going to beat around the bush and say right away that the main feature of the Apple Watch is Apple Pay. Sure, you can argue and say that these watches regularly save people’s lives, but take a look at Google query stats like Connected watch with contactless paymentand set up.

Apple Pay in Russia left the chat.

The contactless payment feature is so cool it doesn’t even need to be advertised. I will explain with an example. More than a week ago Visa and Mastercard have left Russia. In many stores immediately appeared special signs with the inscription Apple Pay not working, and everyone automatically switched to classic plastic cards. Although the WORLD then worked as it should.

I am with work theme Apple Pay in Russia I know him very well, so to this day I pay hours without any problem. At the cash register, a lot of people look at me like I’m a fool, they say, look, he’s trying again. Others, unfamiliar with the technology, are seriously considering buying such an accessory. Well, you see, it’s practical. Nothing works for us, but everything starts without problems.

But the thing is now MIR cards can no longer be linked to Apple Watchand Visa and Mastercard cardholders are already in deep trouble. Author AppleInsider.ru Ivan Kuznetsov in his recent article, he already implied that the Cupertinians refused to cooperate with the NSPK (National Payment Card System). It turns out that Apple Pay will simply be covered with a copper basin, and with it the opportunity Apple Watch purchases.

Apple Watch chips

Of course, aside from Apple Pay, Apple Watch has a lot more to offer. After all, Apple tells us about different innovations every year. Don’t they all have a practical meaning? Below is a list Apple Watch 7 chipsthat deserve your attention:

  • Notifications and music control.
  • App activity with calorie counting.
  • Pulse sensors, oxygen measurements.
  • Training mode, fall detection.
  • Hand washing time monitoring.
  • Sleep monitoring.

Of course, there are still a bunch of little goodies like a silent alarm clock in case there are small children in your house, a walkie-talkie if your mates also use Apple Watch and the like, but in general they are not so popular. It turns out that now Apple Watch for ordinary users is only needed for two things: clock functions and notifications.

Now go to any store and see how much does apple watch 7 cost in russia. We open the first site that comes along and find that the 7th generation will cost you 44,990 rubles for the 41mm version and 46,990 rubles for the 45mm version. There is also Apple Watch SE and Series 3, but they all cost at least 20,000. Here is your answer, Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Apple Watch Now.

How do you like this price for Apple Watch? Personally, I don’t smile much.

However, there are two main categories of users who can really use the Apple Watch: athletes and people with chronic conditions. Health monitoring features are no joke. Every day articles are posted on various resources that smartwatches have saved lives. Suspected atrial fibrillation or observed low saturation. We have already talked about several of these chips in separate articles, you can read them.

Подписывайтесь на Телеграм-канал Сундук Али-Бабы. В нем вы найдете много крутых товаров с АлиЭкспресс, которых нет в магазинах.

Apple Watch for sports

For sports people, Apple Watch is one of the main gadgets. Apple understands this and even releases a separate series in collaboration with Nike. Also, during this year’s fall presentation, they promise to show us the Apple Watch Sport Edition, which will be designed for athletes.

Are you a cyclist? Feel free to take the Apple Watch.

In addition to the direct function of the workout mode in the smartwatch, a separate Fitness + subscription has recently appeared, which can help many people lose weight or just get in shape for the summer season.

Also, remember that sport is not about working out twice a day, it’s a way of life. All professional athletes need to monitor their form outside of training. In this they are helped by various sensors, which we talked about above.

Which Apple Watch to buy

In principle, the advice for choosing an Apple Watch has not changed. If you clearly understand why do you need a smart watch, feel free to pick up your Apple Watch 7 and use it to the fullest. If you’re buying an Apple Watch as an accessory, I would generally turn down such an idea. Then you swear you bought yourself a piece of jewelry for a fabulous price.

Here are the three Apple Watch lines. We’ll tell you which one is right for you.

The Apple Watch SE stands out. On the one hand, there is no Always On and blood oxygen level monitoring, on the other hand, all other features are present almost in full. Probably, Apple Watch SE should be taken by those who play sports as an amateur. Well, I’m not even going to talk about the 3rd series of watches, it’s not worth it.

Personally, I plan to sell my Apple Watch Series 5 in the near future, because as of now, I just can’t find any practical application for them. Also, for 30k you can get good mechanics. Believe me, I never thought I would say that.

Как обмануть Apple на 10 миллионов долларов. История одного сотрудника.

I ask all Apple Watch owners to respond in the comments below the post or in our Telegram chat. It is very interesting to know what you think about it and whether you will sell your watch. Do not be lazy, leave your opinion, it is very important to me.