Will Smith slaps Ukrainian journalist before Chris Rock

It is not the first time Will Smith reacts surprisingly to a comment. The scene that goes around the world in which the actor slaps the comedian Chris Rock during the prize giving Oscar It has a history recorded a few years ago. It was produced in 2012. Regarding the premiere of Men in Black IIIthe actor had a crossroads with a Ukrainian journalist.

Will Smith attended various media on the red carpet of the event organized for the presentation of the film. One of the communicators who consulted him was a Ukrainian television journalist. When saying goodbye, the envoy approached the actor, kissed him on the cheek and then tried to kiss him on the mouth. Smith marked the physical distance and delivered a softer slap than seen at the Oscars.

On this occasion, there was no direct joke that could be considered heavy, but there was a fact that could be understood as an excess of the journalist’s duties and a violation of everyone’s personal space. The cameras recorded the moment and Will Smith tried to lose weight. Beyond the memes and the opinions that we can have, what happened at the Oscars ceremony marks a before and after in this type of event.

Will Smith and what happened at the Oscars

Chris Rock made various comments about the participants, in black humor. One of them had a relationship with Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who has been suffering from alopecia for several years. Rock referred to her saying she could play the lead role in G.I. Jane in a sequel to the film starring Demi Moore in 1997. In this film, Moore had to shave completely to act as a military wife.

Jada Pinkett-Smith, through her social networks, has spoken openly on the subject, insisting that it is not an aesthetic question but a condition. Alopecia is a disease of the immune system that attacks its own cells and affects the scalp. Seen in this light, Will Smith’s reaction could be justified as a mockery of something more complex than just a look.

At the bottom of the discussion there are also different debates, such as body censorship or physical violence, linked to a kind of aesthetic canon that defines whether a person can be considered beautiful or whether their body is appropriate or not. Beyond the fact that Smith’s reaction surprised all the spectators, it can be an event that invites reflection on different aspects.