Will the future of the industry be collapsible?

Whether the future of the mobile industry is foldable or not, time will tell, but for now shows like Star Trek: Picard are already using “futuristic” foldable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

The new series of Amazon Originals universe based star trek is now available on the service diffusion multimedia from the Internet shopping giant, and with its premiere the first curiosities begin to appear of a Star Trek: Picard that will have made the most Samsung fans smile.

Not in vain, in a plot in the year 2401 such a futuristic smartphone is used like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, proving that indeed we all believe the future of mobile is foldablealthough for now this type of smartphone is still considered only suitable for up early.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 in Star Trek: Picard

A Samsung Galaxy Fold2, used in the storyline of Star Trek: Picard set in the year 2401.

9to5Google colleagues told us about it stating that the scene in which it is used Samsung’s foldable terminal can be seen in the second chapterin the hands of Doctor Agn├Ęs Jurati who uses it as a PADD – personal access display device – to restore communications between the main characters of the series.

It’s a Galaxy Z Fold and it’s also a second generation, and we know that for several reasons because in the first place no display notch on the screen, which eliminates the original Galaxy Fold already in one fell swoop. Not only that, and it is that the chapters were recorded at the beginning of 2021 while the Galaxy Z Fold3 was only presented at the end of the same year, and finally you can clearly see the characteristic crease in the center of the device screen.

Granted, in 2041 those Galaxy Z Folds will be pretty dated, but in Star Trek: Picard you might see a Z Fold2 as a personal mobile device of Doctor Agnes Jurati.

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We already know the techniques of product placement so popular in this modern marketing, but it certainly seems Curious that the producers of Star Trek: Picard haven’t yet considered a more futuristic device. such as rollerblades or even holographics, which we have not yet seen on the market, because by 2041 it will change a lot the insurance and the placement of an already available smartphone do not add up too much.

we will see then what devices are placed on screen in the chapters that will take place in 2024Well, there that Galaxy Z Fold would have hit a lot more, which, as you’ll see now, went too far in the future.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 looks like in Star Trek: Picard

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 in Star Trek: Picard

And in case you want Check out Samsung’s latest Galaxy Zwe also leave you here the video that our colleagues from Urbantecno published a few weeks ago, telling you All the secrets of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Be that as it may, and to this day, it is true that here is the leading edge of the industry and these Galaxy Z are the most advanced phones we can buy in our markets… Have you ever tried it?

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