Windows 11 could start showing ads, much to everyone’s dismay

Microsoft started serving ads in Windows 11, in an experience that has already earned users dissatisfaction. Agree with PCMag, the advertising content was seen in the File Explorer interface, but it cannot be ruled out that it also appears on other sites. Anyway, let’s not get ahead of the facts.

An important point to note is that the ads were not detected in the stable version of Windows 11, but in the one that is part of the Windows Insider program. This means that his final presence has not yet been confirmed in the operating system developed in Redmond.

As seen in a screenshot share on Twitter by a user of the to construct 22572 of Windows 11, advertisements appear in a bar located between the box indicating the address of the folders and the content saved there. The ad message is accompanied by a “Learn more” button which, how could it be otherwise, opens a new Microsoft Edge window.

The negative public reaction was immediate. “You better stop this nonsense right now. If you’re looking to get people to ditch File Explorer for something else, they’ll get it,” reads one of the replies to the original tweet. , directly mentioning the Windows Insider account on the network. “Come on Microsoft, File Explorer is one of the worst places to show ads. Especially with its current age,” another user said. “Very disappointed with this decision. It’s a disaster. They are destroying all the efforts they are doing with Windows 11 with this kind of bad publicity,” added a third party. And almost all other posts related to this topic have followed the same tone.