Windows 11 implements one of the best features of macOS

Whether you use Windows or Mac, Microsoft or Apple, sometimes you are missing a functionality of your operating system that he has his rival. It could be an application, a menu or a small function that would help you immensely. Fortunately, many times they copy each other for the good of all. The nth example is Quick view macOS, a way to view photos that you can enjoy in Windows 11 sooner rather than later when added to Microsoft PowerToys.

In the words of Apple, “Quick Look provides a quick and complete overview virtually any file type without having to open them. Hence its name. It’s very practical when you have a good handful of photos and need to see some of them in more detail. Instead of opening it with your image editor, you can open it with Quick Look. At least on macOS.

As well. Several Microsoft developers have developed the equivalent of macOS Quick Look to integrate with Windows 11. This way, you can view photos in their original size directly from Windows without opening a specific application. Without leaving Windows Explorer in its versions for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

A nice little improvement for Windows

Interestingly, this addition to Windows 11 will require you to install Microsoft PowerToys. In the past I have already talked about these applications, a collection of small utilities that change things in Windows, add new functions and, in general, make our lives easier. These are improvements for Windows that are not built into the operating system, but you have to install them yourself with this freeware that you can download from its repository on GitHub.

Every new feature you add to Windows 11 has its own name. Currently, there are twelve outstanding, and what are they doing? small tasks but in a different way than how Windows 10 and Windows 11 behave by default.