Windows Hello reaches nearly 85% of Windows 10 users

Microsoft released a report late last week showing the number of Windows 10 users with a Windows Hello authentication system. The text points out that 84.7% of users of this version of the operating system use the tool on their devices.

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Windows Hello in Windows 10 (Image: Reproduction)

Windows Hello is not that new, it was announced in 2015 and the goal of the tool has always been to put an end to complicated passwords. Currently, it uses some forms of authentication such as iris scanner, facial recognition or fingerprints, which are uploaded by external devices, such as FIDO2 keys, or a simple PIN code. Anything other than a long password, usually the same as another service.

In November last year, Microsoft reported over 100 million users with Windows 10 and some sort of password-free login, as long as they use Windows Hello. The count includes people signed up for personal accounts on the home PC as well as Azure Enterprise customers.

Windows 10 is committed to popularizing Windows Hello

In May of this year, this year’s number of 150 million passed and the software giant designed that in 2021, all users of its operating system will see the function enabled. Some details help a lot in this task, like Microsoft’s own insistence on using PIN code or Windows Hello authentication when installing Windows 10.

The outcome of this commitment is very positive for user safety. Windows 10, with 84.7% of them using the sign-in tool when connecting the computer or tablet. Compared to the previous year which recorded 69.4%, the increase is 22%. Windows Hello can be used to sign in to the device being used, as well as to access web account information.

with information: Microsoft.