Would you pay 30 euros per month to always have the latest iPhone?

Rumors have been swirling for some time about a new iPhone subscription service that Apple is offering itself, which some Chinese media say could cost around $35 a month.

Always Apple has been criticized for its prices of their products lately we even had to explain why the heck their $159 Thunderbolt cable seems reasonable to us, but whatever the Cupertino signature has always set the tone of this industry, which never really moves until Apple does.

And again, this next hit prepared by the apple maker is highly likely to become trending again, since Apple has long flirted with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding its hardware subscription business as well.offering a monthly payment method for the use of its iPhone terminals.

iPhone 13 black

The best-selling iPhone 13, in black.

Obviously, subscriptions are very trendy and such a service would not be new, nor in fact in this sector of smartphones in which Vodafone tried it years ago with its ranges included in the tariffs, or where Samsung also offers a mode of lease with its most powerful motives, although we have already said that Apple always invents the wheel because what they know how to do well in Cupertino is undoubtedly sell everything they do better than anyone.

Apple is already designing its future iPhone subscription plan in Cupertino, and while for now it’s just speculation, we’re getting reports from China that talk about a starting price of just $35. .. Don’t you think that’s quite reasonable?

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All this was told to us by the colleagues of GizmoChina a few days ago, following information published by Mark Gurmana Bloomberg journalist specializing in the world of Apple, in which it was stated that this subscription service will be a reality very sooneven before the launch of the next iPhone 14 after the summer.

In reality, the prices we had anticipated effectively refer to the current cut plus smartphones premium of the Cupertino manufacturer, which would cost the following amounts in subscription:

  • iPhone 13.- $35 per month.
  • iPhone 13 Pro.- $45 per month.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max. – $50 per month.

We understand that These will be prices referred to the United States markets.and although one can indeed extrapolate that in Europe the change of our currency was done 1:1 as is the tradition, the information leaves a lot in the air which this method of iPhone acquisition may or may not reach international markets at least in the first instance.

Moreover, there is talk that this type of iPhone subscription could include more Apple services, such as A or Careand even that the user would not be bound to any termas he does AppleUpgrade for 24 months, counting if necessary that at the end of the program the smartphone becomes the property of the user.

Apple’s idea seems clear, and it is that of ensure recurring revenue that allow them to maintain a greater cash flow, in addition to facilitate the purchase for users of some smartphones which, in a single payment, suppose a very important disbursement.

It now remains to be seen when Apple will formalize these subscriptions, the final prices and the reception in a market accustomed to buying devices and paying monthly for servicesWe’ll have to see how it works!

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