Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in a single rumored subscription

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass + Live Gold

with the recent announcement of the PS Plus reform and the resounding success that Xbox Game Pass has, it looks like subscription services are here to stay. Service microsoft it has gained new users in recent years and now seems set to introduce several changes to its service.

So far the Xbox Game Pass highest paid tier Xbox Live Gold membership includedthe service that allowed online games to be played on Microsoft consoles over the past two generations, but it could also be purchased separately.

However, this situation could change depending on the journalist Brad Sams, who said the US company would consider merging the two services permanently. Now, users who want to enjoy the online mode of most games on these consoles must subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Halo 4

We must remember that this is a rumor and yet, Take this information with a grain of salt and wait for an official confirmation from the company. Of course, this is not the first time that this question has been raised in recent years, which has been denied by Microsoft.

An Xbox Game Pass family plan may launch soon

Another rumor circulating on social media in recent days is that Microsoft may be launching a Game Pass family plan. Again the details of this package are unknownwhich must also be taken with watch out until it’s officially confirmed. What is also commented on is that its operation could be similar to that of services from other companies such as Spotify.

Source: Gamingbolt