5 Functions for Xiaomi that Everyone Should Activate

If you have a Xiaomi portable It is important that you take a look at the functions that, yes or yes, you should have activated in your terminal. We toured the MIUI Settings to tell you what details we have enabled and we think you should too. There is nothing to install and everything is in the settings of your Xiaomi smartphone. They are not required, but they will significantly improve the daily user experience. If you like it get the most out of your Xiaomi It is strongly recommended to enable these functions or options.

Activate the new style of Control Center


MIUI Control Center is one of the most important things that you visit on a daily basis. We are talking about the options that appear when you slide the notification bar. Everything that isn’t notifications is a control center. These are shortcuts like WiFi, data, bluetooth, etc.

There was one new, more functional design and aesthetic that you can activate. If you haven’t already, we recommend going to settings, notifications, and control center and enabling the new style.

Activate navigation gestures on your Xiaomi

We know that many users continue to use their Xiaomi portable with the classic navigation buttons. There’s nothing wrong, but these take up screen space and make navigating the interface a bit more cumbersome. If you are still not using the MIUI gestures you should try them.

Enter settings, go to the home screen, then turn on gestures. You will find there how to activate the new navigation gestures and leave the buttons behind. When you get used to it, everything will be more fluid and intuitive.

Still don’t have the app drawer?


For some time now, Xiaomi has offered the possibility of having a app drawer. This is something that was not available at the beginning in the enterprise layer, which used an icon management system very similar to Apple’s.

If you don’t have a great idea of ​​the technology, it is possible that you are still rooted in the classic distribution, so we will recommend you activate the app drawer. You will improve the organization of the interface and you will be more productive. To do this, you just need to go to “Home screen” in the device settings and activate the app drawer.

Delete the RAM memory after locking the mobile

If you are one of those users who need extra battery every day, there is a feature that can help. This is the possibility that the system will erase the device’s RAM memory 10 minutes after it is locked. It’s something interesting, well multitasking will only be deleted if you do not use your mobile for a while.

This function can help you improve the autonomy of your Xiaomi. To activate it, you need to go to “Battery and Performance”, click on “Troubleshoot …” and scroll down until you find the option “Clear memory 10 minutes after locking the device. ‘device “.

Game Turbo is your best ally if you play on your Xiaomi


If you usually run games on your Xiaomi portable it is strongly recommended to take into account the mode Turbo game. It is quite unknown to many users and can help you improve notification handling and improve performance.

If you go to settings of your Xiaomi You will find this mode in ‘Special functions’. You can configure it to activate when you enter certain games.

These are the 5 functions or options that every user should have active in their Xiaomi portable or, at least, know them. What do you think? Have you activated any?