Your favorite mobile apps, now in the macOS menu bar

There are two types of Mac users: those who barely use the macOS menu bar and those that cluttered it with app icons. There is no middle ground. In part, the applications themselves decide add an icon to the top bar from macOS. In the upper right corner. From here, you can control video or song playback, turn WiFi on or off, share the screen, or do a thousand and one things, depending on which apps you have installed. What if you could put your mobile apps there?

The macOS menu bar, like the Windows system tray, has always been a usable space to display certain information about your PC or Mac, such as the time, battery level, or notifications. Why not give him more responsibility by adding mobile applications. This is the idea behind MenuBarX.

Technically, this app for macOS is a web browser that integrates into the menu bar. Come on, its function is to open web pages. And therein lies its great utility. what can you open mobile applications in web format instead of installing them from the Mac App Store if you have a Mac with an M1 processor.

The idea behind MenuBarX is similar to other projects that wrap web applications. We have seen several of them in the past. The most recent, WebCatalog and Stack. Its job is to open the mobile apps in their web version instead of downloading and installing the apps on your Mac.

so you don’t have to install or download in several tabs of your default browser or do not install anything. Instead, it tries to open apps as if they were mobile apps built into your Mac. In this case, integrated into the menu bar to disturb the least and take advantage of the space available on your Mac screen, convenient and productive.