YouTube says PiP will reach all iPhone users ‘within days’


YouTube confirms that picture-in-picture functionality will be available in its iPhone app for all users.

After a Long testing period, Picture-in-Picture PiP support for YouTube app for iOS will start rolling out in the coming days, as officially confirmed. This will allow all users, both premium subscribers and normal users, close the YouTube app and continue watching the video in a small pop-up window on iPhone.

So far, only the YouTube Premium subscribers received picture-in-picture mode in the iOS app as an “experimental feature”, but for a few days it is no longer available. But now we know this is deliberate as YouTube has completed testing and will be rolling this feature out to all users very soon.

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This is what a Miniaturized with PiP looks like in iOS

The confirmation was made by official YouTube support account on Twitter. One user wrote that they were having trouble accessing the experimental PiP feature, and YouTube replied that picture-in-picture mode would be available “in a few days” for devices running iOS 15 and later.

Are you using an iOS smartphone? If so, the Picture-in-Picture feature is still rolling out and will be available in a few days on all iOS 15+ devices. Tweet us if needed.

If you are unfamiliar with this feature, PiP allows us to watch videos while using other apps. When watching a video, users can touch the picture-in-picture button to move the video to a smaller floating window, then we can move into the iPhone interface, home screen , a game or other applications and continue watching the short video. video.

If you use YouTube, you need to download this Safari extension on your iPhone and iPad

can resize that floating window, pause the video, and even hide the window on the side of the iPhone, while we continue to listen to the video. Without a doubt, an excellent function that will soon be available in the official YouTube application and we will not have to resort to external applications to be able to use it. Hopefully it will reach all users soon.

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