‘Zombie Party’ or ‘Baby Driver’? The “ranking” of Edgar Wright’s films

With only seven feature films released, the English Edgar Wright (b. 1974) fathered at least two popular cults; that is, those types of works which, due to very particular narrative or audiovisual characteristics, arouse exacerbated interest and even some controversy. It is zombie party and Scott Pilgrim vs the worldthis latest adaptation of the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley (2004-2010).

In prizes, he didn’t have much regard for others or luck. Perhaps the most remarkable thing that can be attributed to him is five BAFTA nominationsthe British Academy of Film and Television Arts trophies, and one at the Venice Film Festival for Last night in Soho, his most recent film. But it is also curious that those in which he participated with the highest box office receipts were not made.

For The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicornby Steven Spielberg (2011), was executive producer and scriptwriterand also wrote the libretto of The ant Man, by Peyton Reed (2015), which he was also going to direct but abandoned due to the usual creative differences; and the two earned over $518 million and $373 million worldwide, respectively. While BabyDriverwith some 228, is the film that Edgar Wright made and follows them in number.

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The opinion of specialized critics on the work of Edgar Wright

The figures given in the section of rotten tomatoes for critics, these are the following in terms of Edgar Wright films, ranking them from best to worst:

  1. BabyDriver (2017): average score of 8.1 out of 10 in 397 reviews.
  2. zombie party (2004): average of 7.8 in 215 reviews.
  3. fatal weapon (2007): average of 7.7 in 203 reviews.
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010): average of 7.5 in 271 reviews.
  5. Welcome to the end of the world (2013): average of 7.4 in 244 reviews.
  6. Last night in Soho (2021): average of 6.9 in 326 reviews.

No data on A handful of fingers (Year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five).